Terms and conditions


These sales terms and conditions regulate online orders and actions carried out through this site www.tbgroupsafety.com owned by Tomás Bodero S.A.

The following identifying data of the owner and responsible of this platform are indicated:

  • Tomás Bodero S.A.
  • CIF: A09038977
  • Address: C/ Piedra Silex s/n, P.I. Los Pedernales, 09195 Villagonzalo Pedernales, Burgos.
  • E-mail: rgpd@tomasbodero.com
  • Telephone: +34 947 474 226

In order to purchase the products offered on this site, it is necessary and essential that the customer reads and accepts these Terms and Conditions.


Access to the customer area of the platform is limited exclusively to customers of Tomás Bodero S.A. There is no registration process on the platform, Tomás Bodero S.A. will provide access to the platform to users authorized by the customer. Authorized users will access the platform through a login with an email address and password. The customer user of the online ordering platform on the site www.tbgroupsafety.com may choose and modify the password to access their account at any time. TB Group is not responsible for the delivery of this key to third parties. As a customer of TB Group, you can place orders through our online platform and check information about your account and orders through the private area.


Each model card on the platform will display all available size and color variants, and for each item, the customer will see the final price resulting from the application of their general discount on the specific net price and rate.

All prices published on this website are shown excluding taxes and do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs will be indicated during the ordering process. During the ordering process, the breakdown of applied taxes will be displayed.

The prices of the products offered on our platform www.tbgroupsafety.com are valid only on this website. Once the shopping cart is completed, the user can review and edit their order, as well as indicate any request for the contracting of additional services for the requested units: bag, blister,... The user will be informed at all times of the unit cost of these additional services (which are detailed in the Additional Services section of these conditions) and can check the total amount of the order before confirming it.


Customers, during the online ordering process, will be able to indicate if they wish for additional preparation services for the ordered products.These can be requested through the field reserved for comments during the online ordering process.

Concept Price
TB bag and barcode €0.12
Cardboard blister and barcode €0.12
*Personalized ink engraving €0.12
Preparation of merchandise for vending €0.18


During the online ordering process, the customer will be informed of the availability of the items:

  • Immediate availability
  • Approximate availability date**

Regardless of availability type, the customer may place an order for any item available on the online platform.

If any line item on the order cannot be immediately supplied* and unless expressly cancelled by the customer, it will be shipped once the merchandise is restocked in our warehouse.

*Merchandise that does not comply with the general terms of sale cannot be added to pending order remains.

**The estimated availability period can be consulted on our online platform at the time of adding the product to the cart. Additionally, once the order is placed, the customer can consult and track the estimated availability dates in the "pending items to be served" section within the customer's private area:


Shipping addresses - shipping to third parties

The customer may select a shipping address for their order from those previously communicated to TB GROUP. In addition, during the purchase process, the customer may create a new shipping address for their order* (their own address or that of a third party to whom they request that their order be sent directly).

*the platform will not allow the creation of new shipping addresses outside of mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. To create new shipping addresses outside of these locations, the customer must contact ventas@tomasbodero.com.

Selection of shipping method

During the online ordering process, the user must select their shipping method:

  • Pickup by CUSTOMER: the customer will be responsible for sending a logistics operator to pick up the goods at TB Group's warehouses. This option does not involve any additional cost.
  • Shipped by TB GROUP: if the order does not reach the minimum amount for free shipping, the corresponding shipping costs will be applied according to the table presented below.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs will be free for orders over 200€+VAT *

*in the case of orders destined for Andorra, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, and Portugal, shipping costs will be free for orders over 350€+VAT

In the event that the order does not meet the minimum requirement for free shipping, the corresponding shipping charges will be applied as detailed in the following table:

Spain (mainland) 6€
Balearic Islands 13€
Canary Islands 32€
Ceuta and Melilla 26€
Andorra 25€
Portugal 13€

Shipping and Delivery Timeframe

Shipments will be made through the logistics operators with whom TB GROUP has signed commercial agreements.

Below are the estimated delivery times, these times may be altered by conditions beyond TB Group's control:

Spain (Peninsula) 48h-72h
Balearic Islands 48h-72h
Canary Islands 48h-72h
Ceuta and Melilla 48h-72h
Andorra 48h-72h
Portugal 48h-72h

Shipment Tracking

The customer in their private area, accessing the order or their invoice history, will have access to the tracking code of the order and the direct link to the carrier's website to know its status.

Shipping Incidents

For incidents related to the transportation of your order (for example, delivery delay), we make available the email ventas@tomasbodero.com

In addition, the customer, accessing the detail of each order, will have a link to OPEN AN INCIDENT, with which we provide a form to report their incident.

Fill in the form


By default, the payment method is bank transfer, maximum term: 60 days from the invoice date. The first order will be made with advance payment. "Following Law 3/2004 of December 29, which aims to regulate commercial operations, it is established that the payment term by mutual agreement can never be more than 60 natural days". Similarly, TB GROUP reserves the right to supply merchandise for those customers who, for reasons beyond our company, have seen their credit insurance coverage canceled or reduced, and may in that case request the precise information that allows them to restore said coverage if possible. Once the necessary measures have been taken, if the efforts to recover the credit are unsuccessful, TB GROUP will duly inform the protocol to follow to proceed with the service of the merchandise.

TB GROUP reserves the right to provide alternative payment methods to the default method (bank transfer) through its online ordering platform for those customers who request it or who have seen their credit insurance coverage canceled or reduced:

  • bank transfer*
  • * TB GROUP will request the customer to send proof of bank transfer before proceeding to prepare and send their order.

  • payment by bank card*: Visa or Mastercard
  • * Payments made by bank card are made through the secure Redsys payment gateway to ensure the confidentiality of the data and security throughout the transaction.


  • For each product, the minimum sales quantity is indicated on the product page, and the platform will not allow the user to purchase a smaller quantity.
  • The quantities purchased per item must be multiples of their minimum selling unit, and the platform will not allow other quantities.
  • The first order will be made with advance payment.
  • *for orders shipped to Andorra, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, and Portugal, the first order must be over 350€+VAT

  • Orders must be placed using TB GROUP item references to avoid possible errors. You can find our references in the current price list document provided by TB GROUP and on each product page of the website.


You can access the details of your order from the customer area.

It is not possible to cancel unshipped order lines from the online platform, but you can request a cancellation by emailing ventas@tomasbodero.com


Claims for quantity, reference or incidents will NOT be accepted after 10 days from receipt of the goods.

You must fill out the following form to open an incident: Customer incident

This form will also be available on the order detail page that you can find in the Customer Area.


  • No returns will be accepted without prior authorization 10 days after receipt of the goods.
  • All merchandise that has been manipulated and does not contain its original packaging will not be eligible for return, as well as discontinued merchandise.

To request a return, you must fill out the following document: Merchandise Return

You can also access this form from the order detail page.

If a return is accepted and verified in our warehouses, it will be exchanged or refunded. Refunds for these returns will always incur a minimum charge of 10% for internal management and handling expenses. Return shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

Returns must be sent to TB GROUP facilities for reception:

Tomás Bodero S.A.
Address: C/ Piedra Silex s/n, P.I. Los Pedernales, 09195 Villagonzalo Pedernales, Burgos.
Telephone: +34 947 474 226


Below are the steps to follow to complete an online order:

  1. Login:
    Access the Customer Area and enter your username and password.
  2. Add products to cart:
    You can browse through the product categories or use the advanced search to find the products you want. Once you have accessed the product model sheet, you should select the desired quantity* for each available size and color of that model in the items table to add them to your cart.
    • *For each product, a minimum sales quantity is established, so you can only purchase this minimum quantity and multiples thereof for larger orders.
    • Example: For an item with a minimum quantity of 10 units, only 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. can be purchased.
    • As an alternative to this process, you can add products to your cart by importing the .csv file that you will find available through the IMPORT ORDER link.
  3. Once you have completed your cart, you should proceed to the checkout process in 3 steps:
    1. Purchase summary: Review your order, add additional services, and confirm.
    2. Shipping: Select the shipping address or create a new shipping address and request delivery with a valued delivery note.
    3. Select available payment method and complete your order.

Once you have completed your order, it will be communicated to TB GROUP for review and approval and will be available for consultation in your customer area. You will also receive a confirmation by email.


The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use. The warranty terms are associated with manufacturing defects and operation under normal conditions for the products, and these terms will only be effective if the equipment has been used correctly. This includes:

  • In accordance with the technical specifications indicated for each product.
  • In environmental conditions that are in accordance with the specifications indicated.
  • In specific use for the function for which it was factory-designed.