Workwear features



Resistant, breathable and comfortable materials.

For our clothing we use fabrics and fabrics adapted to the working conditions and environments of each sector. Guaranteeing safety and approval.

Strength, breathability, colour fastness, absorbency, elasticity, stain resistance, high level of comfort and comfort in contact with the skin are just some of the qualities of TRIFIBETEX®. This unique material meets the highest requirements for user-friendliness, easy maintenance and long product life and, thanks to its high cotton content, is also environmentally friendly.

TRIFIBETEX® fabric is a unique blend of 3 types of fibres - cotton, polyester and spandex. This combination ensures maximum comfort and flexibility during any kind of work.


The high natural cotton fibre (62%) content gives the fabric an extremely pleasant feel, outstanding breathability and excellent absorbency.


The polyester content (35%) helps to strengthen the fabric. It also ensures minimal shrinkage, shape stability, stain resistance and, in general, increased durability despite frequent washing. All this while preventing the appearance of wrinkles.


Spandex (3%) enhances the elasticity of the material. It stretches to twice its length under tension and returns to its original length because it is a smart material that can "remember" its shape.


The combination of cotton, polyester and spandex, the high-strength CANVAS fabric and the ideal thread count provide TRIFIBETEX® with outstanding properties.

TTRIFIBETEX PRO® is a unique 4-way stretch fabric. Some of its qualities include strength, durability, high abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, excellent elasticity and stain resistance.


TRIFIBETEX PRO® is another textile material from our range of exclusive fabrics that wearers find extremely comfortable.

By combining nylon and spandex fibres, we have achieved the best of both worlds.


The 90% nylon fibre content guarantees high wet and dry fabric strength, high abrasion resistance, high elasticity, easy maintenance and resistance to chemicals and alkalis.


One of the most important properties of nylon fibre is its strength, which increases as the fibre warms up. Another characteristic property of TRIFIBETEX PRO® fibre is its pleasant cooling effect.


The 10% elastane elastic fibre content in the fabric confers TRIFIBETEX PRO® fabric unique elasticity. This fibre in the fabric ensures elongation under tension up to twice its length and its immediate return to the original length when tension is released.


The fabric maintains its shape stability, conferring TRIFIBETEX PRO® outstanding wear properties. Another unique feature of TRIFIBETEX PRO® is the twill weave, the structure of which guarantees the strength, elasticity and durability of the fabric.

The 50% cotton/50% polyester combination provides the fabric with excellent breathability qualities.

This feature makes it an ideal material for working in warm weather conditions.

This lightweight material guarantees extraordinary comfort. In addition, the twill weave used increases the maximum strength of the material.

Designed to be used and developed to last, the original rugged CORDURA® fabric has proven itself in many of the world's toughest environments.


Made with high tenacity air-jet textured nylon 6.6 filament yarn technology.


YKK®. It's not just a zip.Small accessories make a big difference.

YKK® products are small but provide great value for all our customers.

YKK® aims to achieve "world-class performance" in terms of design, function, quality and environmental care in all the fastening products supplied



We know that everyone is different and prefers a different cut.

That's why there are trousers in 4 different cuts in our portfolio for everyone to choose from.

Straight cut with high waist. The trouser leg is straight from the thigh to the

hem. Suitable for all types of build

Low waist cut.

The trouser leg is tapered from the thigh to the knee and to the hem.

The trouser leg is cone-shaped.

The material contains elastic fibres and provides free movement and excellent comfort, even for slim legs.

A very popular cut that suits almost everyone.

Cut with a slightly lower waist. The trouser leg is slightly tapered from the

thigh to the knee. The circumference of the hem is the same as the circumference at the knee.

Suitable for all types of build.

Low waist and slim leg cut.

Thanks to the high stretch fibre content, the trousers are extremely comfortable and provide unrestricted movement.

A cut for people who prefer a modern and youthful look.



A wide range of colors